Issue Lock

Let an issue be locked for edit, one user at a time. The lock is hold as long as the user stays on the issue.

The plugin gives you, your employees and clients a way to lock down issues for edit.

This means that an issue can be edited by one user at a time. This avoids simultaneous updates, and therefore loss of information in your company.

The issue view is added with a Lock UI box (see next section). This is visible for all issue views (e.g. Search for issues), including Kanban/Scrum boards and Service Desk views (e.g. from queues).

Locks can be enabled on all projects (or a sub set), and has a number of options available per project:

  • Instant fetch of lock when user opens issue.

  • Instant release of lock when user updates something or cancels edit.

  • For a service desk project, a column in a queue can show the current user holding the lock.

Any issue update operation is captured by the lock:

  • inline/window edit

  • attachment operations

  • worklog operations

  • transitions

  • move issue

  • clone issue

  • delete issue

Find Issue Lock via the link