Feedback & Voting for JSM

Feedback and Voting for Jira Service Management

Our expert team has a broad understanding of how to meet our customers’ needs, which is why we in aety continue to work on developing our own products.

We have created Feedback & Voting for Jira Service Management which is an add-on that enable your customers to vote and give feedback through an easy to use portal interface. The add-on lets you harvest your customer’s insights through voting and feedback to create better products. Turn your Jira Service Management into an ideation portal that collects end-user feedback to drive innovation in your organization

Feedback & Voting for JSM is built after DevOps principles. We use test-driven development, continuous integration, and deployment to ensure the highest quality

Let your agents engage

Let your agents engage with the customers to drive the conversation towards improving your service or products

Let your customers vote and provide feedback

Harvest your customer's inputs through feedback & voting to create better products and drive innovation in your organization

See Feedback & Votes on each issue

Access information given by the customers on each issue with links to the agent and customer view

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