SaFe & Project- and portfolio management

SaFe & PPM

Organizations need an overview across activities. This applies to both traditional portfolio and project-driven organizations, but also to organizations that have implemented an agile delivery model. Aety provides solutions that can support a traditional PPM setup, scaled agile setups, but also hybrid solutions where an organization has implemented different frameworks.

Scaled agile frameworks, such as SaFe

Many organizations have implemented agile transformations, where concrete process models have been implemented, such as Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming. In larger organizations with several agile teams, a framework has also been implemented to handle the management across agile teams towards established initiatives. There are a large number of these frameworks, including Spotify and LeSS. In Denmark, however, it is SaFe that has won out.
SaFe is a framework organizations can use to coordinate and manage initiatives across teams. By using lean and agile methods like SaFe, organizations can achieve a higher strategic alignment to make the right decisions. Aety has several solutions to support your organization’s transformation journey, for example, the implementation of SaFe. Our solutions can be implemented according to a number of fully developed templates or adapted to your specific implementation of a scaled agile framework.

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Project- and portfolio management

Aety’s solutions within traditional PPM contain the following core concepts, where we can implement a solution based on best practice templates, or adapt the solution to your needs.

Time & Resource management

Supports time registration and resource management to provide a realistic picture of when a given activity can be completed, while ensuring that individual project members are not overloaded.

Risk management

Supports the ability to define risk matrices, where risks can be assessed on a number of variables.

Project portfolio/program management

Supports overview of multiple projects in either a portfolio or an application.

Project collaboration

An effective collaboration platform for project participants, where they can communicate about the tasks to be solved in a project, as well as visualize these tasks in boards and dashboards.

Reporting services

Flexible reporting solution that supports real-time reporting in dynamic dashboards, including automatic report generation.

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Hybrid solutions

Several organizations implement both solutions across the organization. In some departments or divisions, a traditional PPM framework is managed and in others, it is an agile scaled framework. It may also be that a traditional PPM framework is operated, where the implementation phase is implemented using agile process models, such as Scrum, KanBan, or something else. Aety’s solutions can be customized to support the hybrid model.

Aety & SaFe and PPM

Our consultants are certified in SaFe, Prince2 and a wide range of other scaled agile and traditional frameworks. Our solutions are based on two primary partnerships – and Atlassian.


As an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution, we at aety have experience designing, implementing, and guiding many large private and public organizations around solutions for traditional PPM, scaled agile frameworks, and/or hybrid needs. We base the solution on Jira and Confluence, which can be expanded with apps from Atlassian Marketplace according to your needs.
We have several partnerships with Atlassian’s marketplace vendors that expand Jira’s functionality with PPM and/or scaled agile functionality. This includes, among others:

Big Picture

Supports both traditional PPM, SaFe and hybrid solutions.

Advanced Roadmap

Primarily to support scaled agile frameworks such as SaFe.


Supports both traditional PPM, SaFe and hybrid solutions.

Jira Align

Enterprise solution to support scaled agile frameworks such as SaFe. This is not part of the Jira application but a standalone solution that can be connected to several other data sources, such as azure devops, multiple Jira installations, etc.

Easy Agile

Primarily to support scaled agile frameworks such as SaFe.

Agile Hive

Primarily to support scaled agile frameworks such as SaFe. is our latest solution. The software can also be used to support traditional PPM, SaFe and hybrid solutions.

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