Agile Services

"The magic happens at the intersection between agile principles, pragmatics and tools"

At aety, we help support your agile transformation. We bring a deep professional insight into the agile concept, which together with our tools and pragmatic approach, supports collaboration across teams and organizational levels.

Our agile services help you achieve the concrete business goals of agile transformation.

For us, the specific method, framework, or tool must not become the goal. Therefore, our agile services are always grounded in a solid understanding of and adaptation to your specific context, i.a., through:

  • An implementation plan where the agile method matches your business processes, organizational requirements, and culture.
  • A quick transition from process mapping to effective tool support
  • An iterative approach to change management, where we focus on incremental value and ensure anchoring in the right places in the organization with the roles the change concerns.
  • Organizational dissemination of the right competencies, abilities, and knowledge so that a solid base is created for more experience, improvements, and growth.
  • Tailored solutions at team, project, program, and portfolio levels with comprehensive training and hands-on guidance
  • Quick transition from process mapping to effective tool support

Whether you need a product owner during a transition period, a scrum master to optimize flow, or a coach to help the growing agile organization, we are ready to help you.

Aety Agile Services

Agile roles

We offer skilled profiles from Scrum Masters to Agile Coaches, RTEs and Product Owners.

Health checks and agile assessments

Review your existing processes and tools to identify optimization potential. Structured questionnaires that benchmark your organization's maturity level.

Support of few or several agile teams

We offer the development and implementation of tailor-made collaboration solutions based on, among other things, SCRUM, KanBan, and SAFe. We also help you identify low-hanging fruit for improvement if you experience limitations in the current set-up or wish to expand with, e.g., program and portfolio management or product organization.

Teaching and courses

Learn how your organization can utilize apps such as Big Picture, advanced roadmaps, Miro, and Jira Align to create transparency across team, product, and portfolio levels. Gain insight into how your collaboration platform can be configured to deliver as much value as possible and how the organization's agile roles can optimize their daily work through effective tool support.

Start-up of agile teams

Should your teams start working with SAFe, Scrum, and/or KanBan, we offer help, from tool support and training to facilitation with robust Scrum Masters and coaches.

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