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The interest in Atlassian cloud has never been greater. As you know, Atlassian has announced that they will stop selling their server product in 2024. After that, the two possible solutions will be – Data Center which starts at 500 users, and Atlassian cloud.

Atlassian has announced that in the future, they will invest massively in developing their cloud offering. This is to be seen on their open roadmap, whereto they have continuously delivered on- or before time. Watch the roadmap here.


By migrating your existing Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket installations to Atlassian cloud, you do not need to worry about the following: 

  • Upgrading the applications, both the regular ones and security updates, which we receive continually.
  • Allocating coworkers to the maintenance of infrastructure and middleware.


Meanwhile, with Atlassian cloud, you can:

  • Get access to the latest functionalities and functionalities developed only for cloud.
  • Continuously scale up or down according to your company’s needs.
  • A solution that meets industry standards within GDPR and IT security.
  • A solution where data is stored within the EU.


If you have a data center/server solution but are interested in hearing more about the possibility of migrating to cloud, we can make a solution perfect for your needs. We have migrated many customers’ installations and follow a validated migration framework developed by Atlassian and enhanced with aety’s experience.

Our consultants are certified in migration and have practical experience with several customers.

Two types of Atlassian cloud solutions

Suppose you want to be able to focus on adapting your Atlassian installation but do not worry about security, infrastructure, and upgrades. In that case, you generally have two options, Atlassian Public Cloud and Atlassian private cloud.

Migrating to Atlassian public cloud

If you already work in either Jira, Confluence, or Jira Service Management, you can migrate your Atlassian server or data center installation to Atlassian public cloud. When migrating to Atlassian public cloud, Atlassian will make a data center available in the selected geographic region, continuously maintained and security optimized by AWS. Choosing this migration option provides a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • High security: Atlassian will make sure to continuously security optimize your cloud instance. You will get access to several administrative functionalities, including:
    • Administration of mobile devices, IP allow listing, user access with SAML SSO, option to configure multiple authentication policies, and SCIM user provisioning.
  • Personal data protection: Atlassian is committed to meeting the high requirements for personal data protection, with full transparency about how they manage and store your data. Atlassian has implemented its products with associated processes to enable you to manage and control your data actively and to ensure that you meet relevant data protection obligations, such as GDPR.
  • Atlassian’s cloud platform is certified within several standards, such as SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27018, GDPR, and many more.
  • Centralized governance: Regardless of how many Cloud products you use, you can manage all users in one place. With Atlassian Administration and Atlassian Access, you have one central administration console to control access to the platform.
  • Atlassian ensures that you have the latest functions without the administrative hassle of upgrades and maintenance.
  • Easy creation of development/sandbox environments where users can test setups or new functionality.

Migrating to aety's private cloud

Moving their installation to a Public Cloud is impossible for some Atlassian customers. There may be special requirements for data protection or other considerations.

In this case, aety can offer a private cloud where you can achieve a number of the above advantages where you avoid having to worry about:

  • Upgrading the applications, both the routine ones and the security updates that come continuously.
  • Allocation of employees for maintenance of infrastructure and middleware

This solution, like Atlassian Public Cloud, is based on AWS. The difference is that aety will take care of the operating responsibility. We move your installation to our AWS account and enroll the solution in our support organization, where your installation will be continuously upgraded, monitored, and optimized. Together we prepare the relevant cross-sections. Aety can take over full responsibility for the operation of your Atlassian platform, from configuring the applications to optimizing the underlying infrastructure. You will get a platform that is settled according to a fixed monthly fee.

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We will gladly help you to identify whether Atlassian public cloud or Atlassian private cloud is relevant for you.

The migration process at aety

To ensure a successful migration process, we work from a proven migration framework developed by Atlassian and aety. You will be assigned a consultant who will be your primary contact person.

The migration process is divided into a series of steps: Assess, Plan, Prepare, Test, Migrate, Launch and Post Migration. Take a look at the table below for information on the individual steps.

The migration process can be divided, meaning you can order one or more tiers. For example, you can order the Assess and Plan tiers. Hence, you subsequently have an assessment of your existing installation and its migration readiness and a plan for the final migration.

How long does a migration project to Atlassian Cloud take?

This is something that can vary depending on complexity, but as a rule of thumb, we have the following guidelines:

  • Smaller companies take approx. 2 months.
  • Medium-sized companies take approx. 3 months.
  • Large companies take approx. 4 months.

Please note that the above example is calendar time and should not be seen as a fixed allocation of a consultant. Together we create the best plan for the migration to Atlassian cloud.

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