Get an online collaboration platform that promotes teamwork and creative problem solving!

Collaborate more effectively with Miro

In a world where collaboration and innovation are the keys to success, we at aety are proud to be certified partners with Miro, one of the leading online collaboration tools. Miro is not just a tool; it is a canvas that brings teams together, no matter where they are.

With Miro, your teams can brainstorm, plan and develop ideas in a visual and interactive environment. This way your team can turn complex ideas into clear visual plans that can be shared and developed in real time.


Supports agile working methods

Miro is ideal for agile teams that want to optimize their work processes. Its tools such as Kanban boards, sprint planning and retrospectives make it easy to follow agile principles and methodologies. With Miro, your team can quickly adapt to changes, maximize productivity and improve delivery time for various projects.

Miro is also fully interoperable with Jira. This means that you can link your Miro elements to Jira and thereby effectively support e.g. SAFE PI planning.

Why choose Miro through aety?

Unlimited Possibilities 

Miro offers an infinite canvas where you can organize thoughts, ideas and projects. It’s like having an infinite whiteboard available 24/7.

Aety’s expertice

As Miro partners, we at aety have the insight and expertise to help your business exploit Miro’s full potential. We offer customized support and training to ensure your team gets the most out of the tool.

Integrated collaboration

Collaborate live or asynchronously. With Miro’s intuitive user interface, your team can work together no matter where they are.

Scalability and Security

Miro is a flexible license model with e.g. daypasses and fixed licenses for frequent users. Miro is designed to scale with your business. The platform also supports enterprise functions, such as integration to Active Directory. Finally, Miro offers state-of-the-art security features so your teams can always work safely.

Hear more about how you can integrate Miro into your team by contacting us.