Atlassian Marketplace Insights

At aety we know how difficult it can be to navigate the Atlassian marketplace. The marketplace consists of 5000+ apps that extend Jira, Confluence, and BitBucket with additional functionality.

A couple of years ago, we decided to attack this head-on and created our app insights solution.

We collect information on apps in the Atlassian marketplace, including app popularity, price development over time and growth in different app categories. These data points are enriched by our consultants with aety proprietary knowledge, and the result is a platform with extensive information on the Atlassian marketplace over time.

We use our app insights platform to help different types of customers.

Merger and aqusitions

We offer access to our dashboard to investment and venture companies looking to acquire apps within the Atlassian space.

App vendors

We help Atlassian marketplace vendors with competitive intelligence on pricing strategies, app categories with low competition.

Atlassian Customers

We help Atlassian customers with analysis of which apps to buy, if existing app portfolio cover redundant functionality. Suggest packages to solve specific solution use cases, e.g. ITSM, PPM, Agile/DevOps and Work management.

Theses advisory services can be purchased as a monthly subscription or for a one time fee.

Example screenshots from the aety Atlassian Marketplace insights solution:

Highlevel view

Vendor information



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