We offer the following DevOps services


1. DevOps maturity assessment

Our collaboration with you will often start with a maturity assessment of your organization. This will allow us to create a common baseline and prioritize the areas that are most valuable to you.

2. Metrics

We help you define which metrics are the most relevant for you to keep an eye on, as well as how to collect them from the development process.

3. Roadmap

We will develop a roadmap by identifying measurable checkpoints to make sure you meet your end-goal.


4. Proof of Concept

We create a framework on which new and old tools are integrated into the newly created DevOps toolchain. If you have any preferred tools, these can be integrated as well.

5. Process implementation and automation

The following process will consist of an ongoing analysis, design, construction, automation, and implementation of the identified areas of your pipeline. We will be dealing with infrastructure, build, test, deployment, security, and the connected ITSM processes, such as ITIL and CMDB.

6. CI/CD pipeline

We deliver a complete DevOps pipeline through continuous development, -integration, -test, and -deployment.


7. Continuous support og improvement

DevOps is about ongoing optimization. Therefore, it is essential to have a continuous focus on the processes. We have DevOps consultants available, ready to help you.

8. Ongoing follow-up

We perform maturity assessments on an ongoing basis to offer you the newest data for your prioritization. Meanwhile, you will be able to see the result of your efforts.

Contact us if you need to discuss your DevOps needs with a consultant.