Why aety?

We are passionate about the connection between technology and business

It is estimated that over 80% of all business data is unstructured, complicating task management and collaboration within companies. Precisely this issue is the core of our work. We are a team of ambitious and strong personalities who are passionate about making a noticeable difference in our customers' everyday lives through technological solutions and agile methods. We have a broad professional profile and believe good cooperation is based on trust and our ability to lift stronger in groups. We, therefore, share our knowledge across teams and are curious about new and different ways to strengthen our core areas.

We take care of each other

For us, balanced colleagues ultimately contribute to a good customer experience. At aety, the individual is put first, and we respect the individual's need for flexibility in everyday life. Whether you prefer to work primarily from home or in the office, we believe that you do your best when you can work independently with the freedom to perform tasks. We thrive in the hybrid work environment where internal collaboration is digitally supported and where the discourse can change quickly. The model works because we prioritize safeguarding relationships with each other. Our work environment is informal, and the collaboration is characterized by respect, helpfulness and high spirits.

We believe in each other's potential

We love being good at what we do - and want to be the best. That is why we constantly strive to develop our professional profile so that our customers always have access to the latest knowledge and we can provide services of the highest quality. With us, there is room to be critical and challenge the status quo, and we continuously acquire new knowledge through conference participation, networks, courses and certifications. Aety supports the employees' ambitions and the direction they want to develop in. If employees are thrown into deep water, it is because we believe in their abilities and make room for mistakes.

Have we piqued your interest?

Q&A with Søren, Partner in aety

We held a Q&A with Søren Jacobsen about which workplace the partners want to create and how the company’s values ​​are expressed in the daily work.